Web3.0・ブロックチェーンを活用したデジタル公共財等構築実証事業においては、 政策課題・産業課題等に基づきテーマを事前に定めたうえで、事業者を提案型で公募します(テーマは5件)。


In the pilot project for the construction of digital public goods utilizing Web 3.0 and blockchain,five themes will be determined in advance based on policy and industrial issues, and METI will issue Request for Proposals (RFP) based on the themes.











Although Web 3.0 and blockchain technologies are technologies with hidden future potential, social implementation and social acceptance has not sufficiently progressed due to issues such as “the difficulty for private business operators who operate on a practical basis to see the value,” “infrastructure construction is highly public and has a low economic rationale for private business operators to undertake on their own,” and “many aspects of rule development still remain complex and unclear despite development.”


In order to address these issues, this project will establish highly public use case themes that contribute to solving, etc. issues in industry and society and support demonstration programs pertaining to the construction of digital public goods, etc. (*) utilizing Web 3.0 and blockchain in each industry or across industries. Through this support, we will reduce costs and risks for industry as a whole by releasing specific results and methods that allow private business operators to recognize the benefits while also formulating data standards and building data integration platforms as digital public goods, and supporting the development, etc. of guidelines and rules as public goods with the goal of creating new use cases that are not limited to speculative Web 3.0 businesses to accelerate the social implementation and social acceptance of Web 3.0 and blockchain.


Furthermore, an Advisory Board was established consisting of 10 experts with insight into the legal, accounting and taxation, technology, international, and community, etc. aspects within the Web 3.0 and blockchain domain with the institutional design being carried out based on the discussions and advice, etc. of the Advisory Board.


(*The English translations related to the project are for reference only and the Japanese language takes precedence.)







公募受付は、 6月26日(水)17時をもって終了いたしました。結果は決まり次第、本サイトにて公開いたします。

The call for applications ended at 17:00 on Wednesday, June 26th. As soon as the results are decided, they will be published on this website.












Please watch the explanatory video about the public offering information of this project for your reference.





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